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by Joe Cisar

School agencies issue warning on Scientology brochures

A brochure entitled "Psychiatry - deceives children and puts them on drugs" has caused a stir in Austria's schools.  In the masthead are listed the "Kommission für Verstöße der Psychiatrie gegen Menschenrechte" and the "Internationale Vereinigung der Scientologen" ("Commissioner for Violations of Psychiatry against Human Rights" and the "International Association of Scientologists").  "All school boards have already been instructed to hinder the distribution of this brochure," reported the Education Ministry.  It is a violation of Paragraph 46 of the school education law, which prohibits advertising unrelated to the school in school areas. 
It was not only the school administrators in Vienna that received the brochures in the mail, although they were the first.  Concerned school officials from Burgenland, Lower Austria, Salzburg and Carinthia who had also received the brochures reported the incident to school outhorities. The leaflet was the subject of discussion at school meetings. The "Kommission für Verstöße der Psychiatrie gegen Menschenrechte," according to the Education Ministry, was founded by Scientology members in 1969. 

Source: APA.

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