A translation from Joe Cisar

Theatrical play: "The cleared-out Office"

A black comedy loosely based on the motives of life in one act


A: a steadfast Scientologist
B: a steadfast non-Scientologist
C: a caller, another steadfast Scientologist


a old, small office room (not decorated by B)
A and B are diligently working.
A is off and on the telephone with customers, B is preparing bills and invoices.
It is about 9 a.m. and the telephone rings.
A picks up the receiver.

A: (to C on the telephone) Hello, yes that's what I'll do, yes, immediately, that'll work! That is fine with me!
A: finishes talking, hangs up the telephone, gets up from his office chair and speaks to B.
A: You have to stop work now. You are relieved of all duties in this office.
B: What's wrong now? I'm right in the middle of writing up a bid.
A: You heard what I said. Someone from C's office will be taking over your job, don't touch anything more. Understand?
B: So what's this about?
A: Because that's what been decided.
B: But there has to be a reason. Who made the decision anyway?
A: (sharply) I made the decision because you have counter-intentions and have launched a slanderous smear campaign against me.
B: What? Who was that on the telephone?
A: You said the finances in my company are not good!
B: That's right, look at your debts!
A: You enjoy negative statistics, you take devilish delight in telling me how many debts I have.
B: How'd you figure that out? For months I've been telling you your debts are going sky-high and your company is going straight down and you didn't raise an eyebrow, you just told me I was dramatizing. Just take a look at your bank account and you'll see!
A: (angrily) You're lying!
B: Why do you say that? The bank statement is printed by the bank, you haven't looked at it for months, so that means I'm lying now?
A: (screaming) That isn't doing any good now you have hostile intentions, crawl out of this office right now and don't touch anything more. I forbid you, you liar, do you understand!!!!
B: It's not going to be that easy. I have an employment contract.
A: (very loud) Fiddlesticks, get out!!!
B: Would you just tell me who that was on the telephone and what they have to do with what's going on here?
A: (yelling) None of your business! Tell your slimy psychologist about your fake fantasies!

B sadly leaves the office and to buy supplies for the company, staying away for two hours to give A time to get over it.
After two hours B comes back in the hopes that A has settled down. But what a surprise for B when he gets back, the office is almost cleared out! In the time he was gone, A (with the help of C?) removed the billing files, the various company accounts and the computer. All that's left to let anyone know this used to be an office is some old office furniture. A is also gone!

There's a piece of paper (apparently forgotten) dated the day before. On the paper is the Danger Formula for A's company and the takeover by Company C.


(Should certain practices in the narrative contain similarities to the practices of Scientologists, they are neither intended nor coincidental, but unavoidable.)

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